Fall Semester 2017

If we were having coffee this weekend, I’d have a lot to tell you. Since the fall semester of school started this past week, things have been a little quieter than usual around this blog space. It’s all due to business going back to normal though — work at the office from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, then I’m either heading off to campus for class or home to do my online schoolwork. These are […] Read More

Chasing the Digital Dream

You probably think you’re about to read some sappy inspirational shit by clicking on this blog title. Guess what? You’re not wrong! See, I’ve been doing some really cool stuff lately. Stuff that I’m really proud of myself for. Last month, I completed my very first semester of college. I’m 32-years-old and only earned 7 college credits since I’m going part-time, but even that is a huge achievement. I never thought I’d set foot in […] Read More

College Confessional

This evening, I applied to go to college. I’m a little surprised with myself because¬†I feel like a little part of me made this decision on a whim. I know that I haven’t fully weighed the consequences of going back to school against the rest of my life currently. I don’t know how I’m going to make it work with a full-time job. And to be truthful, I’ve been this far before only to completely […] Read More