You got questions? I’ve got answers!

And if I don’t, then maybe your fellow readers will!
Why? Because Q&A’s are fun and help start conversations!

Leave a question about anything in the comment section below!
I’ll do my best to answer it!
(And if I can’t, then maybe I’ll call in an expert to help!)

  • I’ll do my best to try and get the ball rolling here as best as I can!

    Back when I had two separate blogs — a personal blog and a blog to publish all my “geeky” articles on — I had a feature on the personal blog that allowed readers to ask me anything. Even though I threw it up on a whim, it surprisingly wound up being one of the more popular features among people reading that I’ve implemented so far. I’ve tried retooling it a few times since merging the two blogs together but it never really seems to have gone over very well.

    But now that I’ve implemented the popular Disqus comment system here on Almost Epic, I want to throw my hat in the Q&A ring once more. Rather than installing an awful plugin to handle this, why not let a natural comment system do the work for us?

    So use this space to ask absolutely anything. Your question can be directed at me or to one of your fellow readers. Or even all of us as a whole! Then the goal is to try and answer your questions the best we possibly can.

    Ready? Set… GO!!!