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Hey there. My name’s Joseph, but most everyone I know just calls me Joe. Thanks for visiting my website, Almost Epic!

I’m a thirtysomething Indianapolis native and resident who has a really strong love for technology, writing, and being creative. That’s mostly why this site exists — as a place to dabble in the things that I love. Those things usually have something to do with animals and wildlife conservation, new and emerging technology, earth and space sciences, food and beverage, music, film and television, video games, comic books, art and literature, reading tarot, playing with WordPress, journaling, knitting, reading and writing, and a whole mess of other varied interests.

In addition to keeping this site online through its many different iterations, I also work full-time, go to school part-time, and serve as dad to two wonderful feline furballs named Tigger and Rufus! Interested in knowing more? Check out the About page!

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I’m always up for great conversation and particularly like being able to do it here on the web. What can I say? I articulate my thoughts better when I can write them out! Not only can you talk to me via post comments or through the Contact page, but also in Almost Epic’s very own forum: the Talk page!

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The Anomaly of The 1975

Although there has been a massive variety for as long as we can remember, popular music is pretty straightforward. Most musicians can be categorized into “rock” artists, “pop” artists, “country” artists, and “urban” artists. Those categories can be further broken down into about a hundred different genres and from there you could break off into

How ‘Buffy’ Defined the ’90s and Shaped The Future

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an incredibly silly title for a serious, long-running television series. We’ll get that out of the way now. That title, coupled with the unlikely premise of a beautiful blonde girl fighting off vampires and hordes of evil monsters and other ugly things that go bump in the night, tends to immediately alienate potential viewers from the outset. All of that

The Death of Harambe and How to Prevent It From Happening Again

Harambe the Gorilla

The death of Harambe the Gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo this past weekend seems to have taken public interest by storm. News footage and articles have covered it relentlessly, social media posts have flooded our Facebook and Twitter feeds, bloggers like us have offered their take on the events, and we’re already nearing that point during a major current event where some folks are bemoaning

A Love Letter to Garbage

Music evokes memory. A certain song or type of music can teleport a listener through space and time. It’s essentially an audio TARDIS for your mind. My experience in falling in love with the rock band Garbage however is one that’ll make even the most passive alternative rock fans shake their heads. Flashback to a young teenage version of myself in the summer of 1999. My parents had

‘Orphan Black’ is the Best Show You’re Not Watching

When Orphan Black made its debut on American television, I wasn’t there to see it. In fact, it seems as though most American viewers weren’t there to see it, having only brought in a few hundred thousand viewers at the time. The kind of viewers that would have made a broadcast network like CBS or NBC cancel the show immediately after one episode and maybe even consider firing the

Why Our World Would End if Our Pets Disappeared

If you ask anyone who knew me at the time, nearly all of them would tell you that the latter half of September 2013 was when I lost my mind. That was when I went to a local animal shelter in search of a new canine companion for the family and wound up adopting one of the feline variety instead. It was a decision that I think surprised my friends and especially my family. We had always considered

Everything About the Amazing ‘Stellaris’

It’s not often that I find myself suddenly enthralled in brand new video games directly at the time of release. Sure, there’s the occasion where I will swing into GameStop and pick up a new Xbox title or I’ll download some little indie game from Steam that I’ll inevitably play for a few hours to pass the time, but nothing has really held my attention and fascinated me

Serving up geeky goodness since 2016!

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