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Hey, I know these people!

Websites created or maintained for or by people that I personally know!

  • Tigger & Rufus — Website and blog of my two beloved felines Tigger and Rufus!
  • Prairie Bloggin’ — Seriously outdated blog written and maintained by my sister Christy!
  • A.M. Holahan — Blog written and maintained by my pal Anne!
  • Blogging Meetup — A virtual community of WordPress bloggers connecting over what we have in common: blogging!

Social Media Profiles

Links to all my social media profile accounts, in case those listed at the top and bottom of this website aren’t enough for you!

(Note that some accounts may currently have privacy settings in place, in which case you might actually have to get to know me a little better to gain access!)

Further Reading

I also spend a great deal of my time at…

  • & — My two favorite blogging and web publishing platforms!
    • Daily Post by the WordPress team is also great for blogging tips and inspiration!
    • Nothing that I do on WordPress would be complete without Jetpack and Akismet!
    • And, the creator and head honcho of WordPress, is also a great resource to keep an eye on!
  • hitRECord — A frequent haunt and where I hope to one day find time to collaborate!
  • Medium — My next favorite blogging and web publishing platform!
  • Amazon Smile — I get basically everything from Amazon and raise money for the ASPCA in the process.
  • Reddit — They don’t call it the front page of the internet for nothin’!
  • MetaFilter — Stories and points of interest.
  • Longreads — In-depth and long-form storytelling.
  • BlogCritics — I was a non-paid review writer here over a decade ago!
  • Codecademy — I’ve learned and continue learning a great deal of my coding and programming knowledge here!
  • freeCodeCamp — Just getting into this one to expand my programming knowledge, too!
  • Evernote — Best mobile and web note-taking app available!
  • Steam — When it’s time to get my game on.
  • Inbox by Gmail — Why are you still using plain Gmail? Revolutionize your inbox!
  • The Campus Insider — Sometimes I contribute articles and stories to this student-run publication at my college!
  • — For moments of complete boredom.
  • Northbooks — The best notebooks and journals money can buy.
  • The Dodo — For love of animals, let’s keep them safe and loved.
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