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  • Yoast SEO has been deactivated and removed from the site. We’re not here for profit or for massive attention, so we don’t truly need to play the SEO game anymore and the plugin itself causes a lot of bloat for the site.
  • Social Articles have been added in! This allows users to write, manage, and edit their own posts to the blog directly from their user profile! Just click on the new “Articles” tab when viewing a user profile. It will also display the amount of posts attributed to that author.
  • We have launched two new Almost Epic logos which are new featured throughout the site! The old postage stamp logo should be vanishing completely. If you still see it anywhere, please let @joe where!


  • Some pieces of the site, most notably the home and about pages, the sidebar on pages, and some widgets have gone through a bit of restructuring and revisions due to user feedback that the site was too muddled, confusing, and had too much going on.
  • The site has reverted back to being primarily a blog with our community elements as an added bonus to spark conversation and community.
  • The two different “about” pages have been merged into one.
  • The Revolution slider has been removed from the homepage making the hero image much easier to navigate.
  • The number of blog entries showcased on the front page has expanded to more than six entries.


  • Yet another BRAND NEW version of Almost Epic is LIVE!!! This version features a new build based off the popular “Kleo” theme! With the Kleo update, several pieces of the site have been revamped! Check the notes on each element below:
      • The home page has now been completely rebuilt from the ground up with Visual Composer and Revolution Slider! These elements provide the animation and parallax effects throughout along with other powerful page-builder utilities!
      • The main navigation menu has also been overhauled! Please take a moment to re-orient yourself with where everything is located.
      • The top of the page now features a second menu bar that links to @joe’s social media accounts as well as providing new LIVE notifications for logged in users!
      • The “Feedback” page is gone and in its place is a live email button. All feedback, comments, questions, and concerns can be directed to this module by clicking the envelope in the lower right-hand corner!
      • Most user avatars are now circular!
      • A small dot indicating if a user is online is now featured on all user avatars on the roster of members.
      • Verification badges now appear in more places throughout the site, including the members roster!
      • Profile, activity, group, messages, and other social pages have been completely redesigned to look more beautiful!
      • User ranks in the Forums have been tweaked slightly.
      • A Search bar is now displayed above the forums page.
      • The real-time Slack chat server has been shut down due to lack of interest. All member communication can now take place in the forums, groups, and private messages.
    • BLOG
      • A “Full Blog” option now appears in the “Blog” drop-down to alleviate confusion for those who want to read everything, not just personal blogs, featured articles, or guest posts.
      • Readers can decide which layout they prefer on the main blog page: Masonry, Line View (which is the default), and Standard. Just click the different icons at the top right corner of the blog page to decide which view you like best!
    • SHOP
      • A referral link for Amazon Prime Student also appears under the drop-down menu alongside pawTree. Though we ended our affiliate program with Amazon, this referral link for college students is still valid and a great deal!
      • The “FAQ” doc is no longer featured in the drop-down.


  • Users can now log into Almost Epic with their Facebook account! Because signing up is hard! (Especially when our auto-registration is currently down…)
    • Logging in via Google accounts will hopefully be coming soon as well. We’re just having a little difficulty with the Google API which is a fair bit more complicated than Facebook’s was.
  • Work has commenced on yet another new version of Almost Epic — this one will be even MORE exciting. Stay tuned!


  • Social elements around Almost Epic have some new and improved features that have been implemented. These include:
    • A home icon on the Forums will now take users who click on it back to the Almost Epic home page.
    • Joining the red “New” label whenever a new Topic or Reply has been posted in the Forums, sticky posts will also now display a pin icon and locked or closed posts will display a lock icon. Locked/closed threads will also be grayed out instead of red to differentiate from spam or blocked messages.
    • When editing a forum post, users should no longer be presented with the option to keep a log of their edit as doing so is now mandatory. Users may still provide an optional explanation of their edits, however.
    • Enhanced private messaging has been released. Sending private messages between users should now be more responsive, features a full suite of emojis, group messaging, and much more. Be sure to check it out!
    • A “like” button has been added to all users’ activity streams and profiles. Everyone can now “like” items published to their own and their friends’ statuses, updates, site activities, etc.


  • The Forums have replaced the Feedback page on the home page effective immediately.
  • All entries from 2016 on this changelog have been moved to a separate archive page to assist with page length.


  • Due to frequent Russian spammers flooding the site with false user registrations, the new user registration page has been temporarily deactivated while we search for other solutions. In the meantime, visitors interested in signing up can send an email to to join. Full details can be found over at Registration!


  • We’ve activated HTTPS security protocol and added a “Let’s Encrypt” security certificate to help protect Almost Epic user’s login credentials and other sensitive information. You can now be sure to visit us by heading to (don’t forget that s after the http!).
  • Actual “badges” have been added to the forums in the place where user site titles were formerly located in colored text when posting topics and replies. For the time being, you will only see “Founder” on all of @joe’s posts, “Moderator” on posts by our users serving as blog and forum moderators, and “Member” for all other users. Here’s an example of what they look like:
  • The forums (and all Almost Epic pages!) should now also be displaying slightly wider to address the aforementioned issue of the forums appearing too narrow on some screens in the new Twenty Seventeen theme.
  • The featured video has been swapped to a new one! This will continue to rotate on occasion.


  • More work has gone into the forums today. Changes include:
    • Slight font and color changes have been made to the “Topic Author” title appearing on user replies to their own posts.
    • The post admin toolbar is now a more noticeable font color to make the up and down voting options more visible.
    • Post karma (obtained through post votes) as well as the number of topic and replies a user has created now display under their username.
    • User rankings have been activated. These have been based off of the classic World of Warcraft reputation system. Posting topics to the forums will earn a user reputation points which in turn helps them level their reputation within the site. More details on this will be posted on the forums themselves.
    • @mentions have been activated. They should display in a bright blue font and notify a user when they have been mentioned in a forum post.
    • We are currently working on debugging an issue with the new Twenty Seventeen theme that causes the forums to display very narrow on most browsers. Stay tuned!
  • The “About” page has also been revised to include reasons why people should join Almost Epic.
  • Other minor tweaks to fonts and other design issues have been adjusted.


  • An all-new version of Almost Epic is now LIVE! Featuring a new theme (based off the WordPress default Twenty Seventeen!) and a few other cool tweaks such as the video header on the homepage! We’ll change this featured video occasionally to keep things fresh.
  • Testimonials have been activated. Brag about us a little bit on the Feedback page and your compliments just might make this upcoming feature!
  • Forum posts will now indicate who the original topic author when they’re responding. You can find it underneath their username and site title when they’re responding to others in their own topics.
  • A few various other tweaks have been made. Let us know what you think!


  • Fonts have been tweaked around the site. Several pages and features may look slightly different by design. If you have difficulty reading a particular font, please let us know!

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