The Weekly Roundup, Volume II

FYI: You may encounter affiliate links in these or other posts of mine. Clicking on these or joining services that they link to can benefit me or Almost Epic directly. But no worries: Absolutely all opinions and thoughts are genuine and my own! #1. Hoosier Hospitality Everyone knows that I love animals. But what you might not know is that underneath my gruff, “I hate people” persona, I actually love when people do the right thing. I […] Read More

Weekly Roundup!

This weekend, beginning with this very post, I’m launching a brand new feature to Almost Epic. I’m calling it, very creatively mind you, the Weekly Roundup! What is it all about, you ask? In an effort to try and keep myself constantly posting original content to this here blog, I’m taking at least five (maybe more!) really cool, really interesting, or maybe even really provocative things here along with my opinion or thoughts on them. I’m essentially […] Read More

New Year Review: 2016 Has No Chill!

By now, it goes without saying that 2016 was a pretty chaotic year. We endured what was arguably the most insane election in United States history. Elsewhere in the world, Britain has officially become divided while atrocities in places like Aleppo are at an almost apocalyptic level. There were a lot of other events that made this past year one of the worst on a global scale. And yes, we even lost an unbelievably lengthy list […] Read More

‘No Man’s Sky’ Is Everything We Hoped For

The highly-anticipated No Man’s Sky has been on the market for less than a week and it has already had problems. It’s easy to see why those problems exist. The game’s independent developer, Hello Games, is a very small team working on a project that is literally the size of a galaxy. It would be nearly impossible for have worked out everything prior to launch. On top of that, this game has easily been one of the most […] Read More

Pokémon Go

Pokémon GO is Great, So Stop Freaking Out!

Prior to this week, I had invested very little interest in the Pokémon franchise. It was a brand whose craze I just barely missed the boat on, having skyrocketed in the mid-’90s among children my nephew’s age. Children who are now adults only a handful of years younger than myself. I didn’t want any part of it for a long time, due to its strong association with an audience younger than myself. I had already gone through growing […] Read More

Everything About the Amazing ‘Stellaris’

It’s not often that I find myself suddenly enthralled in brand new video games directly at the time of release. Sure, there’s the occasion where I will swing into GameStop and pick up a new Xbox title or I’ll download some little indie game from Steam that I’ll inevitably play for a few hours to pass the time, but nothing has really held my attention and fascinated me quite as much as the recently-released 4X […] Read More