Weekly Roundup!

This weekend, beginning with this very post, I’m launching a brand new feature to Almost Epic. I’m calling it, very creatively mind you, the Weekly Roundup! What is it all about, you ask? In an effort to try and keep myself constantly posting original content to this here blog, I’m taking at least five (maybe more!) really cool, really interesting, or maybe even really provocative things here along with my opinion or thoughts on them. I’m essentially […] Read More

Water for Elephants

I’ve been very busy this weekend. You might notice this website has a little bit of a different look, a different comment system (which, by the way, some comments from the old system you may have left might have disappeared in transition due to a technical glitch — sorry!), and most importantly, a brand spankin’ new logo! Try to remember it. You’re going to be seeing a lot more of it soon! In addition to […] Read More

How to Save a Life

You might recall that last summer, I made the decision to go vegetarian. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t regularly share meals with me, you’ve probably heard a great deal about it. You’ve seen me preach and post photos of meat-free meals on Facebook and Instagram. Maybe you read my story on Medium about coming to my decision that I wrote a few months later. No matter how you heard about it, you know I’ve […] Read More

The Campus Insider

When I signed up to go back to school, I enrolled in Ivy Tech’s Software Development program. After messing around with blogging and very amateur website design for years, I decided to try and make a go at it. Not just with the web, but with software as a whole! I’m a creative person and I think making a career out of developing cool new software, mobile and web applications, and tons more will be […] Read More

Christmas at the Zoo

My mother and grandmother were both huge fans of Christmas. Since the two of them have been long gone though, my family struggles a bit to get into the spirit. Last year I tried making up for it by putting up the first tree in years. I bought presents and hung stockings. There were even indoor twinkle lights and tinsel. It was really nice. But I don’t think it did much to boost the feeling of […] Read More

Why Our World Would End if Our Pets Disappeared

If you ask anyone who knew me at the time, nearly all of them would tell you that the latter half of September 2013 was when I lost my mind. That was when I went to a local animal shelter in search of a new canine companion for the family and wound up adopting one of the feline variety instead. It was a decision that I think surprised my friends and especially my family. We had always […] Read More