Birthday Blogging

Once again, I’ve done a little bit of a disappearing act from these pages. If you’re one of my small handful of readers, I greatly apologize! While I always hesitate to describe my life as “hectic” (because there’s always someone way busier than I am), it hasn’t exactly been a slow couple of months. Recently, thanks to a link that I followed from that turned into a link that turned into another link, I’ve opted […] Read More

Prayer of St. Francis

Lord make me an instrument of your peace Where there is hatred let me sow love Where there is injury, pardon Where there is doubt, faith Where there is despair, hope Where there is darkness, light And where there is sadness, joy O divine master grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console to be understood as to understand To be loved as to love For it is in […] Read More

The Mix Tape, Volume II

Back in September, I put together a post listing fifteen songs that are dear to my heart. I thought of maybe doing a regular #MusicMonday segment weekly if it proved popular, but the list never really seemed to resonate with anyone other than myself. That’s totally okay though: the entire idea was to share music that makes my own heart sing. Today I’ve decided to give the list a little bit of a follow-up. I’ve […] Read More

New Year Review: 2016 Has No Chill!

By now, it goes without saying that 2016 was a pretty chaotic year. We endured what was arguably the most insane election in United States history. Elsewhere in the world, Britain has officially become divided while atrocities in places like Aleppo are at an almost apocalyptic level. There were a lot of other events that made this past year one of the worst on a global scale. And yes, we even lost an unbelievably lengthy list […] Read More

October Update

I haven’t updated this space in over a month. Normally when a blog or website of mine has gone over a month without an update, it’s probably because I’m questioning whether or not the blog or website is even a good idea anymore because I’ve run out of interesting things to write about and nobody really cares anyway, right? Why bother? As it turns out, this time it’s actually not because my life is so […] Read More

The Mix Tape

I spend a lot of time these days listening to crappy music. That’s because most of my time listening to music these days takes place when I’m in the car going to or from work. During these commutes, I’m typically listening to local radio because I love the Smiley Morning Show and find them hilariously entertaining, but their radio station’s music format leaves a little to be desired (if I ever hear “Sit Still, Look […] Read More

The Anomaly of The 1975

Although there has been a massive variety for as long as we can remember, popular music is pretty straightforward. Most musicians can be categorized into “rock” artists, “pop” artists, “country” artists, and “urban” artists. Those categories can be further broken down into about a hundred different genres and from there you could break off into potentially thousands of different sub-genres and crossover artists. But there have also always been artists who try to break the mold and […] Read More

A Love Letter to Garbage

Music evokes memory. A certain song or type of music can teleport a listener through space and time. It’s essentially an audio TARDIS for your mind. My experience in falling in love with the rock band Garbage however is one that’ll make even the most passive alternative rock fans shake their heads. Flashback to a young teenage version of myself in the summer of 1999. My parents had just taken me with them to some type […] Read More