Kindness Matters

Over the past week, since the devastating attack in Las Vegas, I’ve been feeling very opinionated. That’s probably the case for a lot of people around the country and maybe even the world. Everyone’s arguing about whether or not we could do more. Could we have done more to prevent tragedies like this one and […]

The Mix Tape, Volume II

Back in September, I put together a post listing fifteen songs that are dear to my heart. I thought of maybe doing a regular #MusicMonday segment weekly if it proved popular, but the list never really seemed to resonate with anyone other than myself. That’s totally okay though: the entire idea was to share music […]

New Year Review: 2016 Has No Chill!

By now, it goes without saying that 2016 was a pretty chaotic year. We endured what was arguably the most insane election in United States history. Elsewhere in the world, Britain has officially become divided while atrocities in places like Aleppo are at an almost apocalyptic level. There were a lot of other events that made […]

The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Are Gorgeous As Ever

The Gilmore Girls are back! The world was finally invited back to the charming town of Stars Hollow yesterday as we marked the premiere of Netflix’s latest revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, the follow-up to the WB Network’s quirky dramedy that aired from 2000-2007. It has been nearly a decade since the original […]

The New Viewer’s Guide to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

A peculiar thing happened recently after the release of Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix. Friends, family, and coworkers alike begin approaching me and telling me how unexpectedly enjoyable they found it after finally giving it a chance this past week. It’s the first time that they had given any attention to a Marvel property and were […]

Why ‘Community’ Needs Six Seasons #AndAMovie

After being unexpectedly prompted by a friend on Facebook who was doing the same, I recently decided to take another trip to Greendale Community College by revisiting all six seasons of the sitcom Community. The series, which aired five seasons on NBC from 2009 to 2014 and was resurrected by Yahoo! Screen (the web company Yahoo!’s […]

Why Abed is My Spirit Animal

I remember when this show was about a community college. – Danny Pudi as Abed Nadir I spend a lot of my free time watching television. Serialized television is without a doubt my favorite storytelling medium. I think it developed as a result of sitting around the TV with my family on Friday nights back when […]

All Things ‘Stranger Things’

We’re uncertain if there’s anyone left in the world who hasn’t watched the Netflix original series Stranger Things yet. What isn’t uncertain though is this that if you haven’t, you need to drop everything you’re doing and do it now. Stranger Things is a beautiful, ’80s-themed trip into the mysterious, the horrific, and the outright weird that, […]

The Anomaly of The 1975

Although there has been a massive variety for as long as we can remember, popular music is pretty straightforward. Most musicians can be categorized into “rock” artists, “pop” artists, “country” artists, and “urban” artists. Those categories can be further broken down into about a hundred different genres and from there you could break off into potentially […]

How ‘Buffy’ Defined the ’90s and Shaped The Future

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an incredibly silly title for a serious, long-running television series. We’ll get that out of the way now. That title, coupled with the unlikely premise of a beautiful blonde girl fighting off vampires and hordes of evil monsters and other ugly things that go bump in the night, tends to immediately […]