Is this thing on?

Hi. I’m Joseph Black, but most people just call me Joe. I’m a thirtysomething Indianapolis native and resident who has a really strong love for technology, writing, and just generally being creative. Almost Epic exists in fact as a place for me to dabble in all the things that I love, as well as an outlet for both my writing/blogging and WordPress dabbling! You may also have seen me or my writing featured in other places such as Medium, BlogCritics, or even my school’s student newspaper The Campus Insider! My time not spent on the web or writing is usually pretty busy as well… I work full-time as an administrative professional in a corporate office in downtown Indy, I’m a part-time college student studying software development, an all-the-time cat dad to two adorable feline furballs (who you can follow on Facebook!), and also have a side gig selling high-quality pet food and products for pawTree! I think that about covers it… (Whew!)

My love of writing with all the world as a (potential) audience started around the age of 14 when I first discovered LiveJournal. I met a lot of friends and connected with people all over the world from my many different accounts on that site. That addiction grew into full-blown blogs and websites all over the likes of Blogger, Tumblr, and eventually even into social media once it caught on. I finally knew I was home though when I discovered a proper WordPress installation!

Launched in April 2016 in an effort to use my domain name for something other than just a simple blog about my life, Almost Epic was born! That vision became a virtual community and blog centered around the things and stories in our lives that make us “geek out.” Though I enjoyed the site, when I started feeling like I was lacking a personal outlet for creative expression of my own, I launched a personal blog on a sub-domain of Almost Epic as well. Eventually, in an effort to simplify things, I merged those two sites together and located them centrally here on AlmostEpic.net… Where it continues to evolve daily!

In its earliest incarnation, Almost Epic was the tentative title of a podcast about geek life and culture that me and my nephew started producing but never saw the light of day. We chalk it up to poor audio editing decisions and a lack of true creative direction. We didn’t really know and frequently argued about what that podcast would ultimately be about. The “Almost Epic” title had a few other different iterations, including a private Facebook group for our family members, before eventually becoming what it is today!

I love creative projects and collaborating with people. If you have something you think that I might be perfect for, feel free to contact me by sending a private message to @joe here on the site or an email to joe@almostepic.net. You can also find me on virtually any social networking site!