A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks since my previous post! Somehow, and rather unbelievably, I finally grasped the basic concepts of knitting! In the process, I’ve finished a scarf, continued work on a hat, bought supplies for more projects, and accidentally tweeted my way into the online knitting community! Yeah, it’s been a roller coaster. Here’s how it happened…

After publishing the first “In Knitting Color” post towards the end of last month, I shared it on Facebook and Twitter. I was feeling pretty hopeless and was honestly just hoping people would encourage me to follow through with the plan of seeking out a class. Instead, a friendly coworker offered to get me all set-up with a beanie project and show me how to knit the needles in one of the coming days during our lunch break. I was sort of apprehensive about it at first. I didn’t want anyone to see how helpless I was. If Chandi’s tutorial video in my first post wasn’t going to help me, it was likely that nothing was going to. Boy, was I wrong! Apparently, all I really needed was to be able to really see someone else in person do what needed to be done. It’s safe to say that I’ve been knitting away every day since then! Once my coworker was able to get the basic concept into my head, I was able to transition back into the YouTube videos to finally understand what Chandi and the others have been telling me to do all this time.

Beginning of my next project: A handmade scarf pattern using Bernat Pop Blue Blaze yarn!
Beginning of my next project: A handmade scarf pattern using Bernat Pop Blue Blaze yarn!

I’m continuing work on the hat that she set me up with, and on top of that, used some extra yarn that I already had to whip up a small scarf for my dad. I’ve purchased new knitting needles and a lot more yarn since then and now I’ve started my first scarf for a friend of mine that involves following a pattern. It’s looking a lot nicer than the pitiful first scarf, so I might have to eventually get my dad a “do-over” scarf. I’ve been practicing different stitches and techniques on random swatches with the “junky” yarn that came with my “Learn to Knit” kit. I’ve even been comparing my new hobby to coding and programming, something I’m interesting in learning how to do for a living! Might seem strange, but both require intricately crafted rows of content to eventually take shape into something else. They can both go from nothing to something pretty quickly! Which is exactly what I love about both of them… I love being able to take these materials that are easy to acquire and craft them into something cool, something that I’m proud of, and hopefully something that will one day be useful or valuable to myself or someone else.

After tweeting a bit about dabbling in the world of knitting, I got some great feedback. Not only did Chandi herself respond and re-tweet one of my messages (so cool!), I got a few messages of encouragement from other knitters online. They informed me that the knitting community on the internet is huge, which I could tell almost instantly. My nerdy tweets about my dwarf shaman character in World of Warcraft, an online video game that supports a community of millions, generally go by unnoticed. My first mention of knitting though actually garnered some interest. That’s struck me as rather impressive. Good job, fellow knitters! Thanks for making me feel welcome and supported already! And even though I don’t typically like to call people in my life out by name without their prior approval, I do want to say a HUGE public thank you to my coworker Christina! I would not be having all this fun if it weren’t for your help!

So now, if you’re interested in following my knitting progress and projects a little closer, feel free to follow me on Ravelry! I can already guarantee most of my project inspiration will probably originate from there anyway. 😉

Author: Joseph Black

According to Wikipedia, I discovered magnesium and carbon dioxide, so that's something.

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