Once again, I’ve done a little bit of a disappearing act from these pages. If you’re one of my small handful of readers, I greatly apologize! While I always hesitate to describe my life as “hectic” (because there’s always someone way busier than I am), it hasn’t exactly been a slow couple of months. Recently, thanks to a link that I followed from Ma.tt that turned into a link that turned into another link, I’ve opted to create a /now page that might one day be of assistance. It’ll let you all know exactly what I’m busy and focused on when I’ve been more than just a little bit absent from these pages.

In the meantime, before I get that page up and running, there are a few things that I wanted to share my thoughts on. Since I’m limited for time even now as I type this post, I hope you’ll excuse the bulleted list format to keep me on track and out of here as swiftly as possible!

  • This gorgeous painting of my little Rufus kitty is now hanging in my bedroom/office. It was gifted to me by a dear friend this past Valentine's Day!
    This gorgeous painting of my little Rufus kitty is now hanging in my bedroom/office. It was gifted to me by a dear friend this past Valentine’s Day!

    Today was my birthday! Hooray for being born!!! It was fairly uneventful, which is honestly how I like it as I get older. Everyone’s thoughts and well wishes throughout the day were immensely appreciated! In lieu of gifts this year, I’ve instead asked my Facebook friends to participate in a fundraiser for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Pancreatic cancer is the type my own mother passed away from, so it’s an important cause to everyone in my family and to thousands and maybe even millions of others. Already I’ve managed to raise $295 of a proposed $1,000 goal, and the fundraiser will be open for anyone who wants to donate until the end of March. Anything you can spare, even if it’s just sharing the fundraiser to your own Facebook or other social media page, is immensely helpful!

  • A week or two after the beginning of the spring semester, I dropped a class for the first time in my college career. Though I’m disappointed in myself for not being able to keep up with it like I thought I could, I know that it was ultimately the right decision. I’m eventually going to have to make a better attempt at the class again later, but for now, I’m focusing my energies on some other topics that I’m enjoying learning about much more. For example, I was able to get into a Music Appreciation class for one of my Humanities electives, and it has been a real joy to learn and experience music through the ages in a different way. As part of a semester-long report project that I need to complete for that class, I’ll be attending “The Music of U2” concert being performed by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra on March 16th. Seems like the perfect way to kick of St. Patrick’s Day weekend to me!
  • We can buy alcohol on Sundays now in Indiana! Yes, we were in fact the last state in the union to finally ditch the archaic, Prohibition-era law that restricted alcohol sales on Sunday, but no more!!! I exercised my new civic right, as I think most Hoosiers did, by purchasing a bottle of liquor at my neighborhood Kroger the first Sunday that I was legally able!
  • Speaking of cool things happening around Indy, I feel obligated to mention how neat the new Indianapolis Ballet is! I went to their debut performance of The Firebird at Newfields a couple of weeks ago with some good friends and followed it up by attending their New Works Showcase at IndyFringe’s Basile Theatre this past weekend. This is a hugely talented group being added to the city and worth checking out if dance and performing arts are your thing!
  • I don’t like to write much about my job or the company that employs me here too much because you never know who’s reading. But I’m excited enough to mention, at the very least, that I’m in the process of transitioning to a new role in the coming weeks! The new position is much more administrative and less results-focused, but mostly, the nerd in me is just excited to learn new things and have new sets of tools at my disposal! It’s still a work in progress at the moment, as I obviously need to fully train my replacement before moving on, but I’m hopeful and really looking forward to the eventual move!
  • If This Is Us hasn’t been nearly moving you to tears on a weekly basis, you have no heart.
  • I finally broke out my 642 Things to Write About book of writing prompts, so my goal is to start writing in here again pretty regularly. I’m signed up for practically all the prompts as it is, but you all know how life goes… The best laid plans and all that.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go finish my dinner and hit the hay. Have a great rest of the week, folks, and I hope to be back before the end of March. 😉

By the way, I’m on Snapchat now! Feel free to get your add on and send me all ya silly selfies!

Author: Joseph Black

According to Wikipedia, I discovered magnesium and carbon dioxide, so that's something.

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