I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.

Let me explain. I love that Facebook has managed to bring practically everyone together. Facebook made an innovative community. It even more or less killed off MySpace, what had been the industry standard beforehand. And let’s be honest: It wasn’t hard to do. Facebook provided more structured, standardized profile pages. They made it easy and transparent. And it can be argued that they still need to do some work on their privacy policy and settings, they’ve managed to make social media user-friendly. So much so that it’s difficult to join any other community online and be able to connect with the same amount of people you already know.

Ugly MySpace layout!
Was it really that hard for Facebook to see this type of MySpace content as “competition”?

That’s because people are resistant to change. They don’t like learning new ways of doing things. And since they’re already comfortable with Facebook, why bother with anything else? It isn’t probable that we’ll experience another major migration with social media. Sure, it happened once with MySpace. And while we may be nostalgic for the MySpace era, that website was truthfully a cluttered mess. Rather than remaining a closed network for college students, Zuckerberg & Co. smartly realized that they already had a built-in community. Facebook would undoubtedly take over the social media space once they opened it up to the public. What else could stop them?

Of course, there have been plenty of other social media rivals that have cropped up since then. Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. all have their uses. There are a few social spaces that are better than Facebook! When Google+ was still in its early phases, I was one of a handful that were really in its corner hoping to see it take down Facebook. I loved the idea of being able to easily filter posts and other content only to specific “circles” of friends. Not to mention having a social account directly linked to all your other Google services like Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, and YouTube sounded amazing! Sadly, all of it remained pretty unrealized as Facebook remained supreme. Not just from user resistance to change, either. Facebook also has a habit of folding popular features of other sites into its own service. Those two facts combined means Facebook won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

Almost Epic is Back on Facebook!

If you can’t beat them, join them!

So rather than fighting the good fight and bugging everyone I know to join my own dedicated networks, forums, and websites, I’ve made the decision to revive Almost Epic’s Facebook page. Please like it and share it with your friends!

I had deactivated the Almost Epic Facebook page when I noticed people weren’t joining this space to be part of a “geeky community.” My friends and family would only join or react to my content when it revolved around topics they cared about. Whether that was me or things ongoing in my life or things that I liked. Almost Epic became a personal space for me instead. Which meant there wasn’t much of a need for social media accounts aside from my own. And honestly, it feels a little icky to maintain a “fan page” for people to like when it mostly revolves around yourself.

Find Almost Epic on Facebook!
Find Almost Epic on Facebook!

I’m not famous or important. I am very well aware of that! But it turns out there is still a need for this site to have its own Facebook page. And any website, for that matter! I can share new posts to this Facebook page immediately without worrying about pestering my entire friends list. The audience is more selective that way because whoever sees those posts actively chose to take an interest in them by liking the page. And they’re seeing them on their popular platform of choice, rather than having to sign up for another annoying email notification or registering for an account here or on the now-defunct Talkspace.io. Emails and accounts that most people never read or bothered logging into.

Feel free to like the Almost Epic page on Facebook. New posts to this website will automatically be shared there. I’ll also plan a few exclusives and announcements for that space as well.

Author: Joseph Black

According to Wikipedia, I discovered magnesium and carbon dioxide, so that's something.

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