Since the classes that I need to take next aren’t available during summer sessions, I made three small personal decisions going into this first summer since going back to college. Those three decisions were:

  1. I’m going to learn how to knit. I don’t really have any explanation as to why I’m going to knit. It just seemed like a creative way to keep my hands occupied while I watched hours upon hours of Criminal Minds in my continuing mission to view all eight million seasons. That and it fits well with the grandma persona that I’ve apparently taken on with my love of cats and baking cakes. 
  2. I’m going to keep my mind active during the summer months by hopefully finding a fun and interesting free course that I can take online via Coursera, Wikiversity, Lynda, or some other educational provider. Long story short: Continue being a nerd. 
  3. Perhaps most importantly to you, gentle reader, I’m going to keep this website regularly updated. At the very least until school starts again! 

I wasn’t 100% certain on how I’m planning to keep things updated around here. My life, while occasionally exciting enough to put in writing, is often times pretty boring. (If you need a reminder of that fact, go back and see #1 & #2 on the above list!) So boring that there really isn’t enough to talk about, much less post to the world about.

Thankfully, around this time was when WordPress came to my rescue once again. For those who just read and don’t really have the time or energy to participate, WordPress is the content management and blogging service that’s used to create and power Almost Epic. Well as it turns out that some of the fine folks at Automattic (the company that runs WordPress) also operate a blog called The Daily Post, which is dedicated to sharing ideas and resources to aid their fellow bloggers in creating the best content they possibly can. And one particularly useful area of their blog for me are the prompts and challenges. An area that I’ll probably be making pretty frequent use of around these parts when the typical writers block would otherwise stand in my way.

So jumping right into the fray here, one of today’s features prompts was Heritage. To be fair, Heritage was the Post’s photo challenge and not their writing prompt, but it felt appropriate to me since the writing challenge for the day was Descend, which in a certain context, can relate a great deal to one’s heritage. My dad recently took one of those DNA saliva tests to determine his ancestral roots and found, for example, that he had largely descended from Scandinavian ancestors. See what I’m getting at? He also discovered a little bit of Italian in his blood. Both of these results were a little surprising to us, because we had always been led to believe that we were mostly German and Irish, neither of which were detected in his final results. (He has taken this news pretty well! He’s interested in switching from Jameson to Akvavit!)

I’m hoping to do one of the DNA tests myself soon. I don’t know what kind of results I’m hoping to find though. I’m certain that there will obviously be some Scandinavian and Italian in the mix (what a major surprise if there weren’t!), and I’m okay with that. The Italian especially sounds pretty rad. I’ve always love Italian food and culture and Italy is definitely pretty high on the list of places outside of the United States that I’d love to visit one day. It’s important for me to discover the results of my test regardless though. Though I’ve always been told that there’s a little bit of Native American in my along with the German and the Irish blood, I can’t really say for sure. And that makes figuring out what my true heritage is and what I can relate to for sure a little tricky. Not to mention it might be the first true step towards uncovering my entire lineage — a journey in charting out my family tree that has proven pretty fascinating for my older sister who had been insisting all along that our father wasn’t Irish. Wouldn’t it be really cool to discover that you were really descended from one of history’s more noteworthy characters? At the very least, it could help inform why you have a certain set of features or characteristics that have as of yet been unexplained.

Who knows just what I’ll find? Though I’m happy and more than comfortable being an American, who knows just who I could have been in a past life? With any luck, I’ll be finding out very soon.

Author: Joseph Black

According to Wikipedia, I discovered magnesium and carbon dioxide, so that's something.

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