When I signed up to go back to school, I enrolled in Ivy Tech’s Software Development program. After messing around with blogging and very amateur website design for years, I decided to try and make a go at it. Not just with the web, but with software as a whole! I’m a creative person and I think making a career out of developing cool new software, mobile and web applications, and tons more will be really fulfilling. But that creative side of mine also really loves to write. After all, I enjoy writing the words on my websites and blogs as much as I love designing them.

So I really lucked out when I found out pretty early on that my teacher in my Student Success in Computing & Informatics class also happens to be the adviser for the student newspaper, The Campus Insider, and that she was inviting students of all types to participate. It seemed like a pretty perfect opportunity for me to continue scratching that creative writing itch without actually taking any English or writing courses this semester. That and, to be completely honest, I was really excited about the possibility of writing a piece that might make it to actual print! Not just digital displays, but my writing in an actual ink-and-paper publication. That might not seem like much of anything to professional journalists (or maybe even to student journalists), but that’s pretty monumental for me…someone who isn’t even a journalism major!

My teacher gave me the suggestion of writing about affordable “staycation” ideas for Spring Break, which occurs around this time next month. It was a pretty easy assignment so I was a little nervous about submitting my final story. What if all my suggestions seemed too cliché? I was genuinely hoping it wasn’t something they just decided not to use for the forthcoming issue. Ultimately though, I’m glad that I did eventually hit the submit button. I got some decent feedback from her and she opted to feature it on the Insider‘s blog as a preview to the forthcoming February issue! Talk about exciting!

So if you missed my Facebook announcement, you can read the story that I wrote for the Insider by clicking here. Hopefully it’ll give you some great ideas of things to do during your free time as well. I also hope this won’t be the last time you’ll see me get published!

Author: Joseph Black

According to Wikipedia, I discovered magnesium and carbon dioxide, so that's something.

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