I haven’t updated this space in over a month. Normally when a blog or website of mine has gone over a month without an update, it’s probably because I’m questioning whether or not the blog or website is even a good idea anymore because I’ve run out of interesting things to write about and nobody really cares anyway, right? Why bother? As it turns out, this time it’s actually not because my life is so boring and inescapable! If anything, this entire month of October has been pretty crazy and kinda stressful to the point where I haven’t had many opportunities to just reflect on it and jot down my notes and ideas on it. (And to be fair, even though I haven’t blogged here at all, I did keep my new Q&A page hoppin’ for a hot minute and wrote a couple of stories over on Almost Epic earlier this month!)

In an effort to condense what’s happening down a bit, here’s the latest:

Family Notes! 

  • Some of you may or may not know that my sister was hospitalized at the end of September for a pretty bad skin infection that spread to her abdomen. It was extremely sudden, unexpected, and very scary. Today though she is doing much better and just working on healing!
    • She lives in Kansas, quite a big distance away from where I’m located, so a lot of the finer details are still a little hazy. I also feel like she’s likely to feel embarrassed about the whole world knowing her situation, so I was kind of hesitant about writing or updating anyone about this, especially in a public space. Our brother updated Facebook shortly after it happened though, so the situation has kind of been revealed for some time anyway. I’m very sorry though that most everyone close to our family had to have the news broken to them via the internet. It’s not how I would have liked for it to become common knowledge, and I’m certain it’s not how she would have liked it either. (And I have once again told our brother to “STOP POSTING EVERYTHING ON FACEBOOK!!!”)
    • The important thing though is that she is awake, she is healing, and she is doing better than maybe even before the entire ordeal happened so things are improving a lot in this department. It’s important for everybody to know she is doing well and our hope is that this will wind up helping her heal in a lot more ways than just the physical infection. I have the name and address of the facility she is currently staying at however should anyone feel inclined to send her cards, flowers, or anything else. Her son (my nephew) who currently lives with us has also flown out to Wichita to be with her and to help her and her husband until he can take family medical leave from his job!
  • My brother starts his new job on Monday! Hallelujah! Keep your fingers crossed that this will turn out to be the right fit for him.

School Notes! 

  • I’m enrolled at Ivy Tech Community College now and my application for financial aid was approved!
  • I did new student orientation and took my placement test and did excellent on both the English portion and writing. My score was two points away from college-level math though…
    • It’s been recommended that I re-take the math portion of the placement test to try and improve upon that score, but math has always been my weakest area and I was truthfully surprised that I even scored that close to being considered college-level. I honestly just gave it my best guesses during most of the original test since I had no clue what I was even looking at for most everything that featured algebra or fractions.
    • This means that I’ll likely have to take at least one remedial math course before I can take what’s required for my program. I’m told by some friends that it’ll just be a “waste of time and money,” but I think that I would feel more confident knowing that I’m going into this with some idea of what’s happening and not completely clueless.
  • This coming Wednesday, I’m attending a registration event on campus to finally meet with my advisor, register for classes, and finish up any other additional items that I need to do before getting started this spring! These are exciting times!

Work Notes! 

  • I got a raise this week! Granted, it was my annual raise (two years!!!) and not because anyone noticed that I did something more awesome than usual. I’d still like to believe that my raise is for a job that is remarkably well done though. And hey, more money is always a good thing, right?
  • I recently helped two different friends find jobs by serving as a reference for them. Seriously, I’m amazing at talking people up. Feel free to jot me down on your applications. I’m apparently the Good Luck Chuck of new jobs! But in all seriousness, I’m really happy and excited for them and glad that I could help out!

Cat Notes! 

  • Our little Rufus finally got the “big snip” and got neutered recently. Truth be told, even though getting your pet spayed or neutered is an important procedure to have done and is generally considered pretty routine, I was a nervous wreck about this for the entire week leading up to and afterwards while he was healing. The poor little guy made it through just fine though and was actually trying to run and jump and bounce around all over the place as early as the next day!
  • Tigger and Rufus both go to see their usual vet early next month for a quick check-up. Everything seems to be business as usual for the two of them, except Tigger has seemed more lethargic and sometimes a little more agitated towards both us and Rufus so we just want to be certain everything’s okay with him. And I just want to make certain everything’s okay with the little one post-op.
  • Rufus is getting BIG!! He hasn’t been weighed since the appointment he had prior to getting neutered, but he’s starting to look a lot less like a little baby kitten and more like a full-grown cat now. Everyone in the house has even had their moments where we’ve very nearly mistaken him for Tigger!

Health & Lifestyle Notes! 

  • After the entire ordeal with my sister that I described above, I got really nervous to the point of paranoia about a comparatively much more minor skin condition of my own. Earlier this month, I went to see my doctor about it who ruled out MRSA but also prescribed anti-bacterial soaps and ointments. And also anti-anxiety medication when I let her know these kinds of paranoid thoughts have plagued me practically my entire life (the skin condition in and of itself could be a result of my panic and anxiety). I still get worried and nervous about stupid things, but I’m happy to report otherwise that I’m sleeping better at night and my skin condition seems to be clearing up slowly but surely!
  • After the holidays, I’m thinking of going full vegan. I have been meatless since the beginning of June because even though I love the taste, I really hate the thought of eating helpless animals. I firmly believe that they deserve to live their lives in peace, too. But the more I read and see about how eggs are the cruelest food on the planet and how dairy farms generally aren’t much better, the more I’ve really started thinking harder about it all and considering eliminating animal products from my plate entirely. It’ll just be a lot more difficult than simply cutting out meat will be — cheese is practically my favorite food!!!  😥
  • On this same level, I also recently downloaded lists of companies that do and do not test their products on animals! I realize not everyone is perfect so I don’t know that I’ll be able to completely cut those out of my life, but it’s at least one more way I’m looking into helping save the world!

Entertainment Notes! 

Web Notes! 

  • If you haven’t visited in some time, Almost Epic has a brand-new look! Be sure to check it out, stay a while, and even sign up for an account! I’m getting a little lonely in the forums and Slack channel!
  • This personal site of mine’s Q&A page is a lot of fun! If you have questions about me, about life, or about anything, feel free to ask! It’s part advice column but mostly it’s a space to get to know one another.
  • And if you haven’t already noticed, both the homepage of this site and the “About” page feature all the different places you can follow me on social media. I’d love to see you everywhere so be sure to follow me!

And I think that about covers it all, folks! Until next time!

Author: Joseph Black

According to Wikipedia, I discovered magnesium and carbon dioxide, so that's something.

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