During the early years of the internet, blogging seemed really cutting edge. There was finally a way to publish your written words and attract people to actually read those words without having to meet the approval of a stuffy editor or publishing house. Our society finally had the technology to make the voice of the average person heard! What could have been more important?

The rise of Facebook and social media in general has obviously taken over since then. Nearly everyone on the planet has some kind of online presence now and it doesn’t require having a physical keyboard anymore or even basic writing comprehension. Yet I still enjoy long-form writing and blogging on a page of my own (even though that page occasionally changes names and locations) and strongly encourage others with a voice to do the same. But why blog when you can tweet something in only a few seconds using 140 characters or less? It turns out, there’s plenty of reasons.

When you have something pretty lengthy to write about, Twitter’s 140 character limit really is pretty restrictive. And while these days, Facebook will allow you to write much longer posts than it used to, let’s be honest: Your friends are on Facebook for reasons that have nothing to do with whatever you’re feeling interested or passionate about today. That touches upon the entire reason why I ultimately decided to create Almost Epic — I wanted a space to write and geek out about the things that I love without flooding my loved ones’ feeds with a deluge of information they just don’t understand or quite frankly care about.

Blogging regularly gives you the space and freedom to write and publish anything you want on the internet without necessarily needing to annoy your friends with it. And you can absolutely share a link to your site or a particular post here and there, but at that point the friends that decide to click are taking the initiative to actually read it into their own hands and making it their decision. And honestly, a willing readership is better than a forced one… Even if it does only mean one or two people are reading compared to however hundreds or thousands of people are following you on social media.

So while you may not think blogging is any better than simply posting in an easier, more widely-trafficked medium, you should definitely think again. And to those who are just as annoyed by occasional Facebook or Twitter links to this page or to Almost Epic, understand that I’m doing you a favor and that you’re here by choice right now.

If you have a blog of your own, I’d like to read it! Post a link to it in the comment section below! 
And if you’re interested in starting up your own blog, I recommend starting with WordPress (though Blogger, Medium, and Tumblr are also viable alternatives!)

Author: Joseph Black

According to Wikipedia, I discovered magnesium and carbon dioxide, so that's something.

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