This evening, I applied to go to college.

I’m a little surprised with myself because I feel like a little part of me made this decision on a whim. I know that I haven’t fully weighed the consequences of going back to school against the rest of my life currently. I don’t know how I’m going to make it work with a full-time job. And to be truthful, I’ve been this far before only to completely withdraw from all of my classes before I ever even went to the first one. There’s a very real possibility this will just be a repeat of that. Maybe it’s potentially a waste of my time and money.

But quite frankly, I’m tired of feeling unqualified. I look at some of the achievements my friends, role models, contemporaries, and other people my age have made and they are all, for the most part, equipped with a solid education or at least some kind of technical training. I’m tired of going to the school’s website every other night and browsing their course catalog, trying to decide if any of it “speaks to me.” As it says all over this personal site of mine, I enjoy writing and building websites with WordPress. What I don’t like is feeling like I’m only “passable” or “mediocre at best” at writing and building websites because I don’t have the actual so-called qualifications to do those things well. And the same applies to pretty much all the rest of my interests as well. I don’t want to be mediocre at best anymore. I don’t want to be a jack of all trades but master of none. I want to be good at something. I want the knowledge and skills to be a professional at something.

College seems to be the best place for me to start. Hopefully in the spring since it’s a tad bit too late for the fall semester. I’ve decided to go for Software Development. It sounds like it’s right in my wheelhouse and could possibly open up a lot of opportunities for me later. Not to mention it allows me to take a majority of my classes online, which will ideally allow me to keep working full-time, but who knows what things will be like by that point? I may decide not to even go through with all of this by the time the spring semester rolls around, after all! There’s plenty of time to figure it all out after I talk to one of the school counselors.

Maybe more than anything, I’m really looking forward to all the student discounts on things! (Just kidding. Probably.)

Wish me luck, friends. With as much as I like to sleep and as little time as I feel I’m going to have to actually do it soon, I’m going to need all the luck I can get.

ETA (9/25/16): My dad is even thinking about going to school now, too! He is 63-years-old. If ever you thought that it’s too late in your life or that you were too old, it’s time to think again!

Author: Joseph Black

According to Wikipedia, I discovered magnesium and carbon dioxide, so that's something.

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