Secrets Revealed

A fellow blogger once recently wrote that revealed secrets are one of their favorite topics to read about. Everyone has secrets and they can often times provide you with a lot of insight into who someone is at their core. So I’ve compiled a list of 15 different secrets, confessions, or little tidbits maybe you don’t know about me. Maybe you’ll head to the comment section below and tell me some interesting things about you […] Read More

Big Cat Act

Less than a month ago, we lost my little Oliver to a severe and very sudden virus that sounded a lot like feline leukemia that violently attacked his healthy blood cells and bone marrow. Feline leukemia isn’t always a death sentence for cats, but Oliver was only a couple months old at the time and still just a baby. Beyond treating it aggressively with blood transfusions and bone marrow transplants and potentially just making him hurt even […] Read More

Back to Freedom

The early morning sky today was a gloomy orange streaked with grey clouds from the rain that soaked us through the past couple days departing the area. I was sitting at a busy traffic light while the sun rose over Indy on my way to work, staring off into the clouds and beyond. When suddenly and very abruptly, I had the sudden urge to jerk the steering wheel to the left and completely turn the […] Read More

‘No Man’s Sky’ Is Everything We Hoped For

The highly-anticipated No Man’s Sky has been on the market for less than a week and it has already had problems. It’s easy to see why those problems exist. The game’s independent developer, Hello Games, is a very small team working on a project that is literally the size of a galaxy. It would be nearly impossible for have worked out everything prior to launch. On top of that, this game has easily been one of the most […] Read More

Happy Birthday, Tigger!

Today is Tigger’s “birthday.” I tend to say “birthday” in quotation marks because, like all of our kitties, Tigger was a rescue and therefore we don’t know a whole lot about his history before us. That means the exact time and date in which any of our cats were born is pretty unclear. The shelter we found Tigger told us at the time of adoption that he was less than a year old. In retrospect, […] Read More

This Space

Hi. I’m Joe. I’m the person responsible for building a little geek-centered website called Almost Epic. Sometimes I write and create content for the web there, too. But I’m not alone! Almost Epic was envisioned as a web community and social network for anyone that’s passionate about pretty much anything! If that sounds really cool, you should totally sign up for an account and join us! This space isn’t about that. Before I created Almost […] Read More