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Hey there. My name’s Joseph, but most everyone I know just calls me Joe. Thanks for visiting my website, Almost Epic!

Chances are that if you’re genuinely visiting this site, you already know plenty about me. But for the uninitiated, here’s the quick rundown: I’m a thirtysomething Indianapolis native and resident who has a really strong love for technology, writing, and being creative. That’s mostly why this site exists — as a place to dabble in the things that I love. Those things usually have something to do with animals and wildlife conservation, new and emerging technology, earth and space sciences, food and beverage, music, film and television, video games, comic books, art and literature, reading tarot, and a whole mess of other varied interests.

In addition to keeping this site online through its many different iterations, I also work full-time, go to school part-time, and serve as dad to two wonderful feline furballs named Tigger and Rufus who you might even be following on Facebook! You may also have read my writing in other places, bought my high-quality pet products, or even worked with me. Wondering how else you might know me? Click the button below to learn even more about me and this website!

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