This is the official Almost Epic changelog! Anything new or noteworthy in regards to the site will be updated here for your reference.

  • 1 month ago Add Launched the new "Minimalist" theme! It is significantly simpler and less cluttered, confusing, and show-y, making for a far more appropriate look to Almost Epic.
  • 1 month ago Add Enhanced comment system. Features more beautiful post comment sections, circular user avatars, comment voting system, live comment refreshing, user role display, and much more!
  • 1 month ago Add WordPress Security back-up and user registration protection. Also includes blog spambot honeypots and firewalls to help prevent fraudulent user spam which has been a frequent issue on Almost Epic.
  • 1 month ago Add Implemented a new system specifically for the changelog. You're witnessing it in action now! Posts, pages, and other places around the site may also now feature their own revision history as part of the same system.
  • 1 month ago Add Spoiler tag! A button has been added to the text editor and can be used with the [spoiler] [/spoiler] tags to hide text regarding secrets, spoilers, etc. that users may only want visible to those who want to see it.
  • 3 weeks ago Add New graphic art has been added to select key pages around the site!
  • 1 month ago Update Added Almost Epic logo back to home page.
  • 1 month ago Update Added additional information and content to home page.
  • 3 weeks ago Update A few pages such as "About" and "Registration" have been updated with some more recent information.
  • 3 weeks ago Update Almost Epic has updated to version 4.8 of WordPress, the content management system that powers the site.
  • 1 month ago Fixed Social login via Facebook accounts has returned and is stable. This was disabled in the new Minimalist theme due to issues being able to stay logged in but has been fixed.
  • 1 month ago Fixed Returned login, logout, register, and sign in with Facebook options to homepage.
  • 1 month ago Fixed User roles on forum posts. They are still not displaying proper colors but titles themselves are showing again since ranking flairs were removed.
  • 1 month ago Removed User ranking and comment flair competition in the forums. While the forums are a great place to foster in-depth conversation, they are infrequently used, so they have been removed at this time.
  • 1 month ago Removed Verification badges on user profiles. No longer necessary with the addition of user roles now being displayed on post comments and forum replies.
  • 1 month ago Removed Old changelog pages. This was done in error during the transition to the new changelog. A new history apparently begins now!
  • 1 month ago Removed Several forum topics. Trimmed the community down to only a few until activity picks up. More forum topics may be reintroduced at that time.
  • 2 weeks ago Removed All advertisement and references to pawTree, LLC as our partnership with them has come to an end.
  • 2 weeks ago Removed Deactivated the "Shop" menu item as we are not currently partnered or affiliated with any other businesses.